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Once again SFHS is teaming up with the Big Quiz Thing—creators of game show entertainment for corporate and private events nationwide since 2002—to present the ultimate San Francisco History Trivia Night!

During the first game in May, 23 teams competed! Don’t miss Round 2!

Communicate via voice or chat with your teammates and prepare those brains, as America’s premier live quizmaster (and the BQT’s founder), Noah Tarnow, tickles your mind with a fully produced team-based quiz show about San Francisco history, culture, geography, cuisine, and more, featuring unique video and audio puzzles, the Virtual Buzzertastic Finale, and the best “figure-outable” trivia questions anywhere.

Plus there is hope for non-geniuses: Special Points for wrong-but-funny answers.

A Tiny Taste of Trivia…

Q: Fill in the BLANK: San Francisco’s BLANK is the world’s largest outside of Asia, and the oldest in North America.

A: Chinatown

Q: What ‘80s/’90s sitcom featured a show within the show titled Wake Up, San Francisco?

A: Full House

Q: The former San Francisco mayor who’s a current California U.S. Senator: Spell her first name.

A: Dianne

Who’s Invited? The Whole City!

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Ticket sales end at midnight on June 25th

$10 for All

Please Register through Eventbrite

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