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SFHS is teaming up with the Big Quiz Thing—creators of game show entertainment for corporate and private events nationwide since 2002—to present the ultimate San Francisco History Trivia Night.

Communicate via voice or chat with your teammates and prepare those brains, as America’s premier live quizmaster (and the BQT’s founder), Noah Tarnow, tickles your mind with a fully produced team-based quiz show about San Francisco history, culture, geography, cuisine, and more, featuring unique video and audio puzzles, the Virtual Buzzertastic Finale, and the best “figure-outable” trivia questions anywhere.

Plus there is hope for non-geniuses: Special Points for wrong-but-funny answers.

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DIRECTIONS FOR PARTICIPANTS – see full instruction below.

Learn more at BigQuizThing.com.

A Tiny Taste of Trivia…

Q: Famously, what group moved from New York City to San Francisco in 1958—and here they remain?

Q: What San Francisco rock band was the subject of an arcade video game released in 1983?

Who’s Invited? The Whole City!

Please Register through Eventbrite

Ticket sales end at midnight on May 14

$10 for All



Virtual Game Instructions

You can see a demonstration of the Big Quiz Thing’s virtual format by clicking HERE.

Before the event… 

  • Form your team

We recommend two to five members on each team. 

  • Chose a captain

They’ll be responsible for inputting answers into our digital answer system. They also coordinate how the team will communicate among themselves during the game (group text, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout, Skype, Slack, Discord, etc.—whatever you prefer). And they lead the team in coming up with a team name. 

  1. Download Zoom (if you haven’t already) Click HERE to download ZOOM.

If two players are physically in the same place, they can use Zoom on the same computer, as long as they’re on the same team. But each participant needs to be in the Zoom meeting.

Game time…
NOTE: Please sign in 15 minutes before the game begins to make your you are properly logged in.  The Quiz will start promptly at 5:00.

(Required Password WILL BE EMAILED to all ticket holders on May 14 – please forward that email to others whom you have bought tickets for)

  • Team captains only: Go to PlayBigQuiz.com
    Enter your team name, plus the Big Quiz Thing event key: SFTrivia
    The captain will be entering each answer, after conferring with their team. Only the team captain needs to log into our answer system.

During the game…

  • Use the Zoom chat window…

…to call out any problems, talk with the whole group, talk smack, etc. (No answers in the chat.)

Have fun!

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