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Dear Members and Friends,

Please support our efforts to bring the San Francisco Historical Society back to full speed again. Your contributions will be used to reopen our museum, including a small theater featuring short films celebrating San Francisco history. Your donation will have an immediate impact and help us lay the foundation for future growth.

San Francisco has proven itself to be a city of resilience since its earliest days. After each disaster the city has endured, a more beautiful city emerged from the ruins.

This past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a devastating blow to our city. Shuttered museums, boarded-up restaurants, and For Rent signs represent a new landscape of reality and loss. But the shutdown also presented an opportunity. We’ve found new ways of ‘bringing history to the people’ through:

  • More than two dozen online history presentations
  • Digital versions of Panorama and The Argonaut
  • Successful completion of the 2020 Fracchia Prize for high school students
  • Six self-guided walking tours—so you can continue exploring SF history on your own

We have resumed in-person walking tours in the historic downtown area. We plan to open the SFHS Museum in June, and hope to host in-person events as soon as possible. And we’ll be ready to offer field trips and walking tours for students in the fall. See you soon!

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Every gift, large or small, makes a difference!

With Gratitude,

Thomas R. Owens,
President SFHS Board of Directors

Kevin P. O’Brien, CEO

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