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Dear SFHS Members and Friends,

COVID-19 has altered the rhythm of life in San Francisco in unprecedented ways. Events have been cancelled, people are sequestered in their homes, and social distancing is “the new normal.” What role can the San Francisco Historical Society play in keeping not only the history community, but all members of our community, connected and engaged? We have created our Online History Adventures programs to support our community with diverse programming that is sure to educate and entertain.

Beginning the week of March 23, we began making our upcoming presentations available in digital format on our website.  The first presentation, “A Romp Into Gold Rush History” presented by Thom Jackson, launched on March 26. On April 3, we presented our first SFHS Movie Night. On April 10, we introduced Golden Gate Park – Photographs by Ron Henggeler. On April 14th we have posted the latest Tuesday Night Program presentation, Sutro’s Glass Palace, with John Martini. On April 23rd we published the 2019 Fracchia Prize Winners Essays as an online magazine (PDF, 23 MB download). On May 1st we premiered another SFHS Movie Night and on may 8th we added Bohemians, Beats and the Barbary Coast – an iOS and Android app. On May 12th, we introduced fifth-generation San Franciscan Peter Devine’s monthly Program presentation The History of Saint Ignatius Church.

On May 22, we introduced San Francisco at Play! – a special edition of ARGONAUT. On June 5th, we added a short film about the Englander House. On June 9th SFHS Board Member Chris O’Sullivan presented Bret Harte’s Gold Rush, our latest monthly Program. On June 19 we introduced another iOS and Android app: Secrets of Chinatown. On July 8th, we added San Francisco Pride – Photographs by Ron Henggeler. Our July monthly Program is “San Francisco’s Lost Department Stores” by local author Anne Evers Hitz.

We recently launched our first podcast: History of San Francisco Restaurants and Cuisine, with SFHS Board President John Briscoe. For our latest Adventure, join Dr. Mike Robinson for his presentation on the 5-Plate Panorama of San Francisco taken by Sterling C. McIntyre in 1851.

San Francisco historian Gloria Lenhart discusses the work of Arnold Genthe, early SF photographer. Composer and music educator Don Robertson recounts San Francisco Music and Culture (1965-1969). Author Jim Shine discusses his book Gold Mountain, Big City.

We hope you enjoy these special presentations!

SFHS - Bernard Zakheim Program

We are pleased to announce that the 2020 Fracchia Prize winners have been selected.
And the winners are…

2020 Fracchia Prize Winners - 1st Place Winner: Winnie Quock; 2nd Place Winner: Indigo Mudbhary; 3rd Place Winner: Luke Zepponi

Jim Schein, Author Gold Mountain, Big City

Psychedelic Daze - Don Robertson

Arnold Genthe - Photographer

5 Plate SF Panorama - taken by Sterling C. McIntyre in 1851

History of SF cuisine - John Briscoe

SFHS Program:

San Francisco Pride Parade - Photographs by Ron Henggeler.

SFHS App - Chinatown

Bret Harte's Gold Rush

Englander House SF

The Argonaut - SF at Play

The History of Saint Ignatius Church - Peter Devine

City-Explorer SF - Barbary Coast

SFHS Movie Night 5-1-20
Premiered May 1, 2020

2019 Fracchia Winners

Sutro's Galss House - by John Martini. Presented by SFHS

G\olden Gate Park photographs by Ron Henggeler

SFHS Movie Night – Premiered April 3, 2020

We are committed to supporting our members and our community. The museum at 608 Commercial Street is temporarily closed, but SFHS staff and board of directors are working hard to continue our mission of telling the stories of our city in engaging ways.



Lana Costantini, Publishing / Education

San Francisco Historical Society