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How to Attend this Event

STEP 1. Reserve an appointment ahead of time: you must reserve a 15 minute appointment slot for each category you need items to be evaluated in (up to three appointments total per attendee, with a limit of up to three items per appointment in each Category). First come, first serve -they will fill up fast.

STEP 2. Register and pay: after you have booked your appointment(s), you will need to register and pay using the form below. Failure to pay within 48 hours releases the reserved slot for another patron to use. Please list the items you will bring in the NOTES area of the booking form. Make sure to check your inbox and/or spam folder for appointment confirmations and registration emails from the San Francisco Historical Society.

Fees: All fees go towards supporting the San Francisco Historical Society. Thank you!

  • $50 for first three items
  • $65  for four items
  • $80 for 5 items (maximum)


Reserve and Pay Below

STEP 1: Reserve an Appointment with an Appraiser below (first come first serve)

STEP 2: Register and Pay Here

We Look Forward to Seeing you at the event!


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