Digitized Versions of The Argonaut

Argonaut-21-Vol.32 - No.2

Starting in 2019, the SF Historical Society began to simultaneously publish print and digital versions of The Argonaut. Members receive print copies in the mail; shortly after the print version of an issue is mailed, that issue will also become available in digital form via a link on the SFHS website. Members are able to search the digital versions using key words to quickly locate information.

Back issues of The Argonaut are also being digitized, creating a digital archive that members, historians, students, and scholars can explore. Being able to search within and across issues for topics of interest will make The Argonaut a dynamic, interactive historical resource for serious researchers and casual history lovers alike.

THE ARGONAUT – LATEST ISSUE: Winter 2021, Volume 32 No. 2


Argonaut – 2021 – vol 32, no 1


Argonaut – 2020 – vol 31, no 2

Argonaut - 2020 - vol 31, no 1

Argonaut – 2020 – vol 31, no 1

Argonaut - 2019 - vol 30, no 2

Argonaut – 2019 – vol 30, no 2

Argonaut - 2019 - vol 30, no 1

Argonaut – 2019 – vol 30, no 1

The Argonaut 2018 Vol 20, no 2

The Argonaut 2018 Vol 29, no 2

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Do you love The Argonaut? Do you want to learn more about digital publishing? Any members who are interested in the process of meta-data tagging past issues should contact Lana Costantini, SFHS Executive Director, to learn more. lana@sfhistory.org

Until the back issues of The Argonaut are digitized, you can also access these three articles from previous issues: